A server that motivates to experience the game how it was meant to be played! Vanilla rust with small plugins to make your adventure more accessible -- and ultimately more enjoyable!

    Quick Info:

  • Servername: The Satellite
    F1 command:

About The Satellite

Welcome to our server! We wanted to make a community where you can play Rust how it was meant to be. Vanilla gameplay with slight non-gamebreaking balancing enhancements. From PVE to PVP we want to make sure that every player enjoys all stages of the game, by not wiping it every week (Only DevWipes). On this server everything is allowed! Feel like being nice? Be the hero we deserve! Feel like being savage? Then join the dark side! Play the game as you want to play it, just keep in mind: Stay mature, and respect your fellow survivors and admins. We have a small but dedicated admin team online to maintain the server a fun environment to play in. See you in-game!

Rules & Service!


  • No cheats/hacks (Permanent ban)
  • No offensive language (Temporary ban)
  • Note that challenging eachother is permitted. (PVP-language)

    Our Mods:

  • InfoPanel - This allows our players to see how many people are logged on and how many sleepers we have. This also notifies if theres an ongoing airdrop or chopper rallying around.

  • Clans - The PVP aspect of the game remains the same. The difference is now that you can create a clan with a clantag before your name.

  • Live map - You can see your location on ; Don't be worried, your location is not being shared with anyone except your clanmembers. You can also disable this manually by logging on the website.

  • Other than the mods mentioned above our gameplay remains completely Vanilla. (No fast gathering/crafting etc.)


  • Only forced wipes (If the community requests for a server wipe, we consider.)
  • We try our very best to keep the server running 24/7 with the updated Rust software.
  • Search us up: The Satellite
  • F1 command: client.connect

Feedback / Donation

Feedback / Voting

Our server is registered on to help us grow our community bigger. Your vote counts!

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If you have enjoyed playing on our server, please feel free to donate to keep us up and running! (Not a must!) Thanks to people like YOU, we are able to provide a Rust server with active moderators, and a quality vanilla environment. Please note that donations do not affect, purchase, guarantee, or bring administrative powers for the Rust server. Thank you for your generosity!

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